North America / Germany Arthur F. Burns Fellowship

The Arthur F. Burns Fellowship Program gives 20 talented journalists from Germany, the United States and Canada the opportunity to gain professional and personal experience in their host country. Fellows work for two months at a host media organization of their choice, learning about news operations in a foreign setting and serving as foreign correspondents for their home media. The fellowship provides journalists the opportunity to conduct in-depth reporting and gain first-hand knowledge of politics, business, and culture in a foreign country, while becoming fully integrated into the day-to-day business of the host newsroom.

The program was initially founded in 1988 to improve understanding of U.S. politics and affairs among German journalists and to strengthen the transatlantic relationship. In 1990, the program became a true exchange between the two countries. In 2013, it was expanded to include Canadian journalists.

Its aim is to support talented journalists and improve news coverage of transatlantic issues.



“As a Burns Fellow, I had a chance to challenge assumptions that, at home, I take for granted—to reconceive of what is ordinary and what is newsworthy, informed by a worldview bigger than just Washington, or even the United States…. Personally and professionally, I feel richer, smarter and better equipped to interrogate the world, having spent two months in Germany.”

Shefali Luthra, Alumna 2019
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