Poland / Germany

The Climate and Energy Fellowship focuses on promoting comprehensive coverage of these important areas. It offers the fellows the opportunity to gain an in-depth insight into the topic area and to specialise in terms of content.

Up to ten journalists from Germany and Poland will receive a fellowship to work for two months in a media house in their respective foreign countries and report as climate and energy correspondents for media in their host and home countries.

During their fellowship, participants are invited to take part in a transnational research project focusing on climate or energy issues. This gives them the opportunity to explore and highlight significant aspects of these issues on an international level.

Promoting cross-national exchange and cooperation between fellows is another important aspect of the fellowship. Through dialogue and cooperation with other fellows, synergies and new perspectives emerge that can contribute to the further development of climate and energy reporting. The fellows have the opportunity to expand their network and build long-term connections with other professionals. After the exchange, participants stay in touch through the IJP alumni network, which supports them in building a network of journalistic experts.



Photo: Marta Thor
Fellows of the German-Polish Fellowship Programme in Warsaw 2023

“Participation in the IJP scholarship program broadened my horizons as a journalist.
Thanks to the practical experience gained during the internship at Deutsche Welle in Bonn, I discovered a new face of the media and met inspirational professionals.”

Urszula Jabłońska, Alumna 2021
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