Middle East / Germany

Within the Middle East Programme, founded in 2005, the IJP contributes to an intensive dialogue between media outlets in a region particularly affected by conflict and at the same time invites journalists from Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt to take part in an exchange with their German colleagues.

Up to five journalists from the Middle East (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestinian Territories and Israel) will be given the opportunity to receive a two-month travel and work scholarship for Germany. This is done in cooperation with governmental institutions, foundations and sponsors in Germany and the Middle East. At the same time, this scholarship is open to journalists from Germany who can apply for a two-month stay in the Middle East.

The fellowship is intended to enable young journalists to become familiar with the political issues in Germany at an early stage of their career. This raises awareness of aspects of relations between Germany and the Middle East and gives participants a personal insight into mentality, culture and everyday life in Germany and the European Union.

The practical part of the fellowship ensures contact with colleagues in the region, with the idea that participants have a network in one another’s regions in the future.



Fellows of the German-Middle Easter Programme 2023

“As a matter of fact, The IJP Fellowship was like a springboard for my career. It significantly contributed to the enhancement of my skills in producing clear, balanced, and concise news packages and maintain valuable contacts.
My experience in Germany made me acquire a high degree of technological proficiency and develop a new understanding of the media industry’s transformation. The IJP Fellowship didn’t only change my professional path, but also, my self-conception, and allowed me to learn more about human behavior and the world, through its culturally diverse pattern.”

Mohammed Helmy, Alumni 2015