Latin America / Germany

The German-Latin American Programme aims to foster relations between Germany and Latin America. To this end, it offers young journalists from Latin America the opportunity to work as correspondents for two months in Berlin. German journalists, on the other hand, are given the opportunity to work in a Latin American country for the same period of time.

The programme expects the Latin American fellows to work at German host media, but the main objective is to work as correspondents for the editorial staff of their home country. The placement at their host media will enable fellows to familiarize themselves with the political and economic reality of Germany, as well as to get to know the culture and mentality of its people. Daily work in a newsroom ensures contact with German journalists, creating professional and friendly ties.



Fellows of the German-Latin American Programme in Berlin 2023
Photo: Alisa Schröder, Ecuador

“I highly recommend becoming an IJP fellow: The three-month stay in Germany not only broadens the horizons of any journalist, but you can also build a very useful international network of contacts by participating in the programme… and also privately.”

Yetlaneci Alcaraz, Alumni 2009
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