ComLab #9 Contested Freedom – From Migration to AI and the Climate Crisis

September 19 – 22, 2024 | live in Berlin

IJP and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation will again join forces for ComLab#9. Together, we will dive deep into the conflict zones of freedom, tackling the challenges of AI, climate change and migration head-on. But here is the twist: We are not just talking about it – we are taking action!

Join us for a dynamic bootcamp where media pros and researchers come together for a powerhouse of knowledge and skills exchange. From exciting talks to hands-on workshops and networking sessions, you will leave equipped with the tools to make a real impact.

At ComLab#9 you will meet with experts who will provide you with the facts on cutting-edge scientific debates. Plus, we are all about practicality – think pitch-perfect training sessions andn storytelling workshops to sharpen your media toolkit and science communication skills. How can we turn knowledge nito compelling stories that inspire action?

We are asking the big questions: How is the concept of freedom shifting in the wake of recent upheavals in the Western world, and what is the perspective from the Global South? What is the latest research saying about society’s hot topics like AI, climate change and migration, and how can we effectively reach out to readers and audiences?

Mark your calendars for September 19 (late afternoon) to 22 (incl. lunch), 2024. For application details, please refer to the pdf below.


Application deadline:
May 15, 2024

Further details: 
Call for applications (pdf)